Diathermy Suctions

Insulated stainless steel 9fg or 12fg suction tube with 4mm pin to connect diathermy lead

Ergonomic design to provide comfortable grip and allow greater  precision

Suction provides smoke plume evacuation to reduce the risk of breathing in harmful bacteria and viral DNA present in the surgical smoke

Less invasive as only one instrument required at the surgical site allowing improved access and clearer view for the surgeon

Suction and diathermy can be used separately or simultaneously

Individually packed, sterile, single use

Reusable equivalent is susceptible to damage when cleaning due to extreme temperatures

Distal end of lumen polished for atraumatic tissue contact

Suction control hole

Non blocking design

Latex free, DEHP free

Available sizes:

S113 9fg 22cm Fenestrated
S114 9fg 27cm
S115 9fg 20cm
S116 9fg 13cm
S117 9fg 9cm Frazier
S118 9fg 6cm Mastoid
S119 9fg 13cm Reduced & Fenestrated
S136 9fg 9cm Reduced

S195 12fg 19cm - New for 2011


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